Fractional Architect

Do you know this feeling?

  • I want to run a startup or an application, but I don't know where and how to start...
  • It takes forever for the application page to load, but it used to be super fast at the beginning!
  • The only way to improve our application was to rewrite it from scratch. And now we have lots of problems.
  • Releasing a new feature takes ages, including 3 weeks of testing, while my competitors can release their applications 1000 times a year. How is it even possible?

Don't worry - these are very common problems. There are many factors that lead to them and my role here is to help you tackle them.

And I am here to help you with my expertise. No matter what language, technology or cloud you use.

There are 3 areas in which I specialise:

1. Drive Your MVP Product Till The Market Launch

End-to-End Support: Do you want to develop a new application or launch a startup, but don't know where and how to start? Should you use a non- or low-code solution? Or maybe a coded one? Here I come. From initial planning to final delivery, you will experience seamless growth, optimised performance and controlled infrastructure costs. Unlike typical consultants, I stay with you until the end and beyond, ensuring that the decisions we make together deliver lasting value and quality.

Holistic Approach: It is important to look at software architecture from different angles. I combine expertise in all areas such as infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, solution architecture, testing and release strategies to ensure a robust, secure and scalable architecture.

2. Make Your Legacy Application Shine Again

Professional Audit: Struggling with high costs of maintenance of your legacy app? Does everyone think that there is nothing to be done about it except to completely rewrite the application from scratch? Let's look at it together. Rewriting an application from scratch exposes you to a lot of mistakes, forgetting about processes, problems with grey areas and you end up with a product that does not meet customer expectations. I have been involved in refactoring legacy systems step by step, area by area, and I am sure we can do the same in your system. And all this at a reasonable cost instead of a huge investment in rewriting.

Change The Way of Development: I will show tricks & tips to your software development team of how to approach the refactoring and extension of your application in the future. Together, we will ensure that the team is able to follow the path independently, based on practical examples - I am of the opinion that words alone are not enough, so I will be happy to support the team in the implementation until it feels confident.

3. Release 100% Faster Than Today

Improve Development Process: People not talking to each other? Problems with knowledge sharing? Development team delivers features that are not in scope of what was planned? I will introduce the team to different techniques that will make it really Agile. Code review will be a pleasure rather than a chore. The shift of a focus will allow you to deploy production safely even on Friday!

Automate Testing And Deployment: What is (or should be) your testing strategy? Pyramid, Reversed Pyramid, Diamond or a Roller? Which business processes should be covered by automated tests? Is 100% coverage a good or a bad thing? How do you achieve continuous deployment that allows you to release your application hundreds of times a year and react within minutes to bugs that have not yet been discovered by end users?within minutes to bugs that have not yet been discovered by end users?

Ready to Transform Your Software Journey?

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