Fractional Architect


My name is Maciej Jedrzejewski, however everyone calls me "MJ". I live in Switzerland.

Software architecture is my second love - after my wife.

Ever since I can remember, computers and programming have been next to me. Fixing bugs, overclocking processors, staying up late to solve another problem. Apart from the processors, nothing has changed in so many years.

Today, I have over 12 years of experience in dozens of projects and products, as well as extensive experience as a consultant, tech lead, software architect, workshop trainer and conference speaker. I am a certified developer who always strives to be at the edge of technology.

I spend countless hours every day poring over books, tutorials, articles and, finally, work related to software architecture. I actively participate in the open source world - recently I introduced a repository about Evolutionary Architecture that helps other developers to not to over-engineer their projects.

IT is not just my job. It is my life, my passion.

Finally, I am a fractional architect. What does it mean?

Throughout my IT career, I have worked with and spoken to a variety of companies. Some of them were corporate, medium sized and others were start-ups. On the one hand, the problems they faced were completely different, but on the other hand, it was all about either software architecture or team topologies.

Poor application performance, long testing periods before going into production, high cloud costs and very expensive feature enhancements. These are just some of the issues that can be addressed.

This is where my role as a fractional architect comes in. I am here to help you avoid the unnecessary costs of over-engineering while maintaining quality standards. And all this without the need for a permanent architect - I act as a resource-as-a-service solution.

If we haven't already met at a conference or other event, I invite you to get in touch with me - the simplest possible way is to do that via a free consultation or Linkedin.