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Free DDD Book

Free Domain-Driven Design Book

I thought of writing a free DDD ebook some time ago describing the practical process of applying strategic domain-driven design.

Where does this idea come from? The question was always raised in discussions with my friends and colleagues during conferences, workshops and coffee breaks.

How do we approach these concepts in real life?

This book tries to answer this by showing you a step-by-step method I use daily. I want to help you reduce all these sleepless nights I had while thinking of how to approach this and that.

And to omit mistakes that I made.

However, you have to remember that this is just one approach. And there are many others. You should always select what fits your needs and what you like.

Downloaded More Than 1000 Times in First 24 Hours

Let the reviews speak for themselves:

I read it in one go. I already had some prior knowledge. The example makes it easy to comprehend. Nice work!

Great read! Really informative. Thank you for sharing this knowledge. It clarifies a lot and contains excellent advice

Very easy to understand and very well explained

What Will You Learn About

While reading the book, you will notice:

  • Methods and techniques to approach business analysis of a domain
  • Project Paradox and how is it related to your knowledge at the beginning of a project
  • Event Storming and its big-picture and process levels
  • How do you divide domains into smaller parts called subdomains?
  • How do you use domain charts to map subdomains?
  • What are subdomain types, and how do you define them?
  • How can a subdomain become a separate domain?
  • How do you approach setting up bounded contexts using Bounded Context Canvas?
  • How do you use Context Map to define integration and relationships between bounded contexts, third-party systems, and teams?

Download It For Free

I do not charge for this book; I do not only send it when subscribed to a newsletter.

It is completely free.

If you can provide feedback, I would highly appreciate it! You can do it through Linkedin or YouTube :)

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